Critical Theory from the Global South

Psychoanalysis and Politics

Fall 2019 Colloquium

EXTIMACIES – UFABC Prof. Silvio Carneiro Considering the Academic Calendar at UFABC, the colloquia “Psychoanalysis and Politics” was distributed in two parts. Part I - “Pathologies of the colonial” represents an intermediary section between Marxism and Psychoanalysis, considering Decolonial theories as fundamental element to Critical Theory from Global South. Part II – “Psychoanalysis and Politics”: introductory readings on the concept of Extimacy, as a political and psychoanalytical concept.

PART I – PATHOLOGIES OF THE COLONIAL July, 29 – Critical Theory and Progress Readings: Amy ALLEN, “Critical Theory and the problem of the Progress” (ALLEN, The End of Progress: Decolonizing dialectics) Theodor W. ADORNO, "Progress" (ADORNO, Critical Models: Interventions and Catchwords) Herbert MARCUSE, “The paralysis of criticism” (One-dimensional man: Studies in the Ideology of the Advanced Industrial Society) *Topics: Critical Theory to Decolonial Theories Critique of the Progress Subjectivity and Decolonial reason A new normative reason for Critical Theory in Contemporary Question The interdisciplinary project in Critical Theory: *

August, 12 - Fanon: Master versus Slave Readings: Frantz FANON, "A experiência vivida do negro" (FANON, Black Skins, White Masks) Jacques LACAN, "The Mirror-phase as Formative of the Function of the I" (ZIZEK, Mapping Ideology) Françoise VERGÈS, "Creole skin, Black mask: Fanon and Disavowal" George W. HEGEL, "Lordship and Bondage" (HEGEL, Phenomenology of the Mind) *Topics The question on Otherness Psychoanalysis and the Formative function of Mirror-Phase Colonial questions on the Otherness Fanon and the Lacanian Psychoanalysis Is there a Psychoanalysis for Colonialism? *

August, 26 – Decolonyzing Dialectics Readings: George CICCARIELLO-MAHER, "Ruptures" (CICCARIELLO-MAHER, Decolonizing dialectics) Susan BUCK-MORSS, Hegel and Haiti Bruno BOSTEELS, "El Otro Marx: Filosofia y Teoría Crítica" (MORAÑA (org.), Sujeto, Decolonización, Transmodernidad) *Topics: Critical Theory and Decolonial Theories Marxism and Critical Theory Decolonial Critique of Marxism Master versus Slave dialectics in Colonial Struggles.*

PART II – PSYCHOANALYSIS AND POLITICS November, 11 David PAVÓN-CUELAR, “Extimacy” (Thomas Teo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology, 2014) *Topics: Introductory reading of the concept Extimacy Philosophical and Psychoanalytical views on Extimacy The problem of the Otherness and questions on Critical Theory Extimacy as a critical instrument today*

November, 25 Jacques LACAN, "The Mirror-phase as Formative of the Function of the I" (ZIZEK, Mapping Ideology) *Topics: Introductory reading on Lacan Lacan and the concept of Extimacy Psychoanalysis and the question of Otherness Subjective experience and Cultural relations*